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Ukraine Exchange - The first exchange in Ukraine with direct market access and internet-trading
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Wednesday, 17.07.2024 19:49
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The Ukrainian Exchange went live

On March 26, 2009 the Ukrainian Exchange announced the start of equity trading. The trading system on which the Ukrainian Exchange is operating enables individual investors to participate directly using DMA (Direct Market Access) trading systems. This is the country’s first equity trading system with DMA functionality. Introduction of new exchange trading technologies will facilitate  growth of the Ukrainian market liquidity by providing new opportunities to the market participants and attracting new investors.

DMA trading on the Ukrainian Exchange features:

  • Continuous investor access to brokerage account operations or to the required analytics via Internet during  market hours
  • Minimized risks for trading participants due to 100% preliminary depositing of assets and delivery on DVP terms
  • Advanced trading system RTS Plaza customized for the Ukrainian market with regard to its legal environment and infrastructure that will secure efficient management of trading and provide the opportunity to launch new products and offer new services depending on investor needs
  • Individual investors accessing trading through QUIK and SmartTrade, modern systems adapted to the needs of the Ukrainian market with participation of local trading experts.

Trading on the Ukrainian exchange is based on RTS Plaza which is a multi-functional system compatible with various applications. It allows the trading participants to trade on the order driven market and to enter into stocks and bonds repo trades. The system’s capacity  is 1,400 transactions per second.

RTS Plaza enables the trading participants to perform the following actions online: submit orders, make direct trades, transfer assets from trading to primary accounts, communicate with other trading participants by means of the in-built communicator, view the newsfeed of the major information agencies, hold IPO auctions and calculate the bond yield.

"The Ukrainian Exchange will make trading on the regulated equity market accessible in the online mode for any investor. Internet trading will allow investors to efficiently manage their assets and investments on their own, which in the current economic environment is a highly relevant service. The trading system of the Ukrainian Exchange is fully compliant with  Ukrainian law and meets the specific needs of the market. Test trading has been conducted for several months, and the trading companies are prepared to work on the exchange. We are positive that our project is a well-timed and relevant initiative for the Ukrainian market." - said Oleg Tkachenko, CEO of the Ukrainian Exchange.


The Ukrainian Exchange was established in May 2008 by the RTS Stock Exchange and several of the largest companies in the Ukrainian securities market including Alfa Capital, Dragon Capital, Ineko, Sokrat Investment Group, Concorde Capital, Renaissance Capital, TEKT-TRADE, Troika Dialog Ukraine and others.

The Ukrainian Exchange was set up as an open joint stock company in order to make its work highly transparent. A 51% stake in the Ukrainian Exchange is held by 21 Ukrainian brokerage companies.

The main objective of the Ukrainian Exchange is to create  an effective and reliable exchange with potential for development of new products and services in cooperation with Ukrainian securities market participants. One of the priorities is increasing the cost-effectiveness of trading for investors.

Currently 39 companies take part in trading on the exchange. This number is expected to reach 100 by the end of the year.

The Ukrainian Exchange allows the issuers to raise funds in many ways, including IPO and private placement. IPO securities or secondary market securities can be admitted to trading on the exchange, as well as other financial instruments issued and registered as required by the Ukrainian law. Currently over 70 securities are available for trading on the Ukrainian Exchange.

RTS Stock Exchange is one of the major trading platforms in Russia and Eastern Europe providing trading services on the spot (stocks, bonds, funds) and on derivatives markets (futures and options contracts) based on advanced technologies employed worldwide.

There are around 2,300 securities from 1,700 issuers trading on RTS. Some 1,770 of these are traded OTC. Over 400 are admitted to trading on RTS without being listed and around 110 are fully listed and traded. This makes RTS the dominant listing exchange in Russia. The RTS Index is calculated on the basis of prices of 50 liquid shares of the most highly capitalized Russian companies and is the leading benchmark of the Russian equity market.

FORTS is RTS’s derivatives section and the largest futures & options market in Eastern Europe offering the broadest range of financial and commodity instruments in Russia. It currently offers trading in 48 contracts (31 futures and 17 options). These include derivatives on: RTS Index, stocks and bonds issued by Russian companies, federal bonds and commodities – oil, gold, silver, sugar – and currencies.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (044) 495-7474.

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