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Tuesday, 19.02.2019 16:56
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15.02.2019 Shares PREP to be admitted to trading
13.02.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA79691, UA79766 To Be Delisted
13.02.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA03392 Listed
06.02.2019 2 Domestic Government Loan Bonds Listed
06.02.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA61808, UA00968 To Be Delisted
30.01.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA79519, UA00257, UA01735 To Be Delisted
30.01.2019 2 Domestic Government Loan Bonds Listed
24.01.2019 IFKIB, IFVIK To Be Delisted
23.01.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA79196, UA92660 To Be Delisted
23.01.2019 2 Domestic Government Loan Bonds Listed
22.01.2019 Shares ALIA To Be Delisted
18.01.2019 Shares SLVT To Be Delisted
17.01.2019 2 Domestic Government Loan Bonds Listed
16.01.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA03012, UA79576 To Be Delisted
09.01.2019 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA78891 To Be Delisted
04.01.2019 Shares IFREZO To Be Delisted
03.01.2019 External Government Loan Bonds XS6528 Listed
28.12.2018 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA96562 To Be Delisted
28.12.2018 UNAF and DOEN Shares Demoted to Non-Listed Traded Securities
28.12.2018 HRGZ, KRGZ, GDGZ and IFCMPI To Be Delisted
21.12.2018 Shares PAAZ, CHON, KRAZ To Be Delisted
20.12.2018 2 Investment certificates and shares SMEN To Be Delisted
19.12.2018 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA02055 To Be Delisted
19.12.2018 2 Domestic Government Loan Bonds Listed
13.12.2018 6 Investment certificates To Be Delisted
13.12.2018 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA96190 To Be Delisted
11.12.2018 Domestic Government Loan Bonds UA02972 Listed
04.12.2018 Bonds of JSC "Alfa-Bank", series S and JSC "OTP Bank", series F and series E to be admitted to trading on the Ukrainian Exchange
03.12.2018 UXUA Shares To Be Delisted
28.11.2018 Domestic Government Loan Bonds To Be Delisted
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